Testimony concerning KochiToon All-Filler by a professional user: Leo Roodenburg, owner of Schildersbedrijf Roodenburg at IJsselstein, the Netherlands, https://schildersbedrijfroodenburg.nl dated 14 October 2018

My name is Leo Roodenburg and I am the owner of House Painting Company Roodenburg. I carry out all kinds of house painting and wallpaper work including traditional maintenance of monumental buildings.

I regularly encounter rotting woodwork in my projects and I have skills to solve this problem.

In the past I often carried out these repairs using the epoxy filling compounds. In order to obtain good results when using these products (epoxy filling compounds), the wood has to be milled or sawed out around the rotten spot and the wood must not be  humid.

When this has been done, the healthy wood around the rotten spots must be fixed with an impregnating agent, and then it is repaired using epoxy compound. And the surplus of the mixed epoxy compound must be thrown away as you can’t use it after the setting of its two components.

A big disadvantage of epoxy is also that the user can develop an allergy using it.

About four years ago I started to use KochiToon All-Filler (at that time it was called 1toFILL), a product of 1toFIX.com and I am very satisfied with it.

Why?? I would like to tell you that using KochiToon All-Filler has many advantages.

You do not have to mill or to saw the wood around the rotten spot. Removing just the rotten wood with e.g., a scraper, will do.

The wood may be humid, in fact: KochiToon All-Filler pulls the moisture out of the wood because it’s damp-permeable and you can see from the discoloration of the repair site that the wood starts to dry immediately after filling it with KochiToon All-Filler.

You do not have any waste because KochiToon All-Filler is a one-component product and the rest goes back into the tub. And it can even be diluted with water in order to have the right thickness.

KochiToon All-Filler is easy to sand and is better for the health of the user and for the environment.

KochiToon All-Filler can be used as a primer, when diluted with water and also for small repairs such as e.g. filling up small holes.

I also use KochiToon All-Filler as putty and it has the big advantage that the paint does not wrinkle: this gives super tight edges.

There are certainly even more benefits from the use of KochiToon All-Filler, its application goes smoothly and efficiently.

Leo Roodenburg

Testimony concerning KochiToon All-Filler by a house owner

'My husband and I do the painting work together on our wooden Finnish house. At the time when our preferences went to linseed oil, we came across the products of 1toFIX.com. I liked what was told about them, and I ordered one of the products, namely KochiToon All-Filler for Interior and Exterior.

The paint on the joints of the wooden window frames and of the lean-to often had cracks. I scraped away the paint, filled the holes and cracks with KochiToon All-Filler and within no time I could sand it and paint.

Ideal, because I didn’t need to use more than necessary, it is a single-component product and therefore very economical.

Ideal, because I can use the product in any desired thickness, as it is easy to dilute with water. Ideal because it dries quickly.

Ideal because it is easy to sand. Ideal because it is just right.

I also glued with it when I had to replace a piece of wood on a frame. It went more than fine.

And this year I also filled quite a big part of the window frame with it, because I discovered rot there. I scraped out all the rotten wood as thoroughly as possible and then filled the hole with KochiToon All-Filler, layer by layer until it was just the same as the rest of the frame.

I have been using the KochiToon All-Filler mostly, but once I tried 1toFILL Monuments-filler. The difference between these two products was irrelevant for my purposes.

I think it is a good product, because it is so easy to process and it keeps well. I always find it more difficult to use other sorts of fillers. While I can apply KochiToon All-Filler, in cases where it needs a thin layer, for example in narrow cracks, with just my finger, making it nicely smooth. '